The world & the nation are changing fast.


Kansas is in global combat for jobs and talent. New technologies are creating new economies. To provide a robust future for our State, we must harness the pioneer and competitive spirit that propelled Kansas to the forefront of our Nation more than a century and a half ago and kept us there for decades.


But for the last half century Kansas has grown slowly – so slowly in fact that we are slipping behind many other states.


The mission of the Kansas Chamber is to continually strive to improve the economic climate for the benefit of every business and citizen and to safe guard our system of free, competitive enterprise. The Chamber has an urgent call to action to address the state’s sluggish growth.


We need to remove the barriers to growth and seize the enormous opportunities before us to grow our economy, strengthen economic prospects and secure the future for all Kansans.


The private sector must boldly lead this determined effort to renew our state’s vitality with crucial initiatives.  We control the future.


Talent Supply




Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Business Infrastructure

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