2025 may seem far off.  Seven years can go fast, very fast for businesses. Technology changes.  New competition emerges. It is why Kansas cannot hesitate to begin putting our state on the path of faster economic growth.


Vision 2025 will transcend political cycles and business cycles with goals for economic growth. The road to implementation won’t be easy. It will take time, a great deal of effort and many partners. Fortunately, our groundwork has been laid for more than ten years with the Growth Economics’ Annual Competitive Index Report and its annual survey of Kansas business leaders.


The Kansas Chamber also will cast a wide net across the state and around the country for input including business owner surveys and one-on-one interviews with Kansas community and business leaders. We will research best practices of other state chambers and engage with the best thinkers in the country about state-based policy and measurements and commission targeted research.


The Kansas Chamber Foundation will establish metrics to track the progress of Vision 2025 and a website to provide plan information and an accountability dashboard. The Foundation will lead the Chamber’s ongoing research to continually monitor our four areas of focus and to identify when we are headed in the correct direction – and when we need to right the ship.


Through its outreach and research efforts, the Chamber will identify action items under each of the key areas that will become the focus of the Chamber’s ongoing partnerships, communications and legislative agenda.


Talent Supply




Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Business Infrastructure

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